ADRENALINE MOB - Nuovo brano “Lords Of Thunder”

Gli ADRENALINE MOB hanno pubblicato un nuovo brano “Lords Of Thunder”, il singolo è tratto dall’ultimo album ”We The People”, uscito il 2 giugno per l'etichetta discografica Century Media Records.

uesta la tracklist:

“King Of The Ring”
“We The People”
“The Killer’s Inside”
“Bleeding Hands”
“Chasing Dragons”
“Til The Head Explodes”
“What You’re Made Of”
“Raise ‘Em Up”
“Ignorance & Greed”
“Blind Leading The Blind”
“Violent State Of Mind”
“Lords Of Thunder”
“Rebel Yell”

LP bonus tracks:

“Devil Went Down To Georgia”
“Snortin’ Whiskey”
“Tie Your Mother Down”

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