DEEP PURPLE - Live video di “Uncommon Man” dal DVD tributo a Jon Lord

Deep Purple - Celebrating Jon Lord
I DEEP PURPLE hanno pubblicato un video live del brano "Uncommon Man", tratto dal DVD tributo al tastierista scomparso Jon Lord "Celebrating Jon Lord", al CD/DVD della durata di oltre tre ore si sono alternati sul palco tanti artisti, accompagnati da un’orchestra di oltre 80 elementi, per
rendere omaggio a Jon Lord.

La tracklist del tributo:

The Composer
01. Fantasia from Sarabande
02. Durham Awakes from Durham Concerto
03. All Those Years Ago (with Steve Balsamo and Micky Moody)
04. Pictured Within (with Miller Anderson)
05. Sarabande from Sarabande (with Rick Wakeman)
06. One From The Meadow (with Margo Buchanan)
07. Bourrée from Sarabande
08. Afterwards (with Jeremy Irons and Paul Mann)

The Rock Legend
01. Things Get Better (Paul Weller)
02. I Take What I Want (Weller, Moody)
03. Silas and Jerome (Phil Campbell, Ian Paice, Bernie Marsden)
04. I’m Gonna Stop Drinking (Campbell, Paice, Marsden)
05. Soldier of Fortune (Balsamo, Sandi Thom, Moody)
06. You Keep On Moving (Glenn Hughes, Bruce Dickinson, Paice, Don Airey, Moody)
07. Burn (Hughes, Dickinson, Paice, Airey, Rick Wakeman)
08. This Time Around (Hughes)

Deep Purple celebrating Jon Lord
01. Uncommon Man
02. Above And Beyond
03. Lazy
04. When A Blind Man Cries
05. Perfect Strangers
06. Black Night
07. Hush (Dickinson, Wakeman, Campbell, Marsden, Moody)

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  1. Rimarrà sempre il nr 1 R.I.P.grande JON grazie x la musica che hai lasciato