Leslie West - Slash, Zakk Wylde e molti altri sul nuovo disco

Leslie West Unusual Suspect
Il chitarrista Leslie West fondatore dei Mountain, presenta "Unusual Suspect": nuovo disco solista. Il disco è supportato da molte collaborazioni, tra cui duetti con
Slash e Zakk Wylde e molti altri.

Ecco la tracklist di "Unusual Suspect":

1. “One More Drink for the Road” (with Steve Lukather)
2. “Mudflap Mama” (with Slash)
3. “To the Moon”
4. “Standing on a Higher Ground” (with Billy Gibbons)
5. “Third Degree” (with Joe Bonamassa)
6. “Legend”
7. “Nothing’s Changed” (with Zakk Wylde)
8. “I Feel Fine”
9. “Love You Forever”
10. “You & Me”
11. “Turn Out the Lights” (with Slash and Zakk Wylde)
12. “Beetle ‘I Don’t Know’”
Leslie West   Slash

Leslie West  Zakk Wylde Steve Lukather

Leslie West

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